15 Questions you should ask Before Renting a condo

Obtaining a flat to rent is regarded as the tedious and hard work I have found and i am sure a lot of the tenants believe it is so. Still, those who lack a house of their very own can’t escape this difficult work. Though little homework, people might make their stay in a rented house peaceful. I am mentioning the part of dealing with peace in the rented property because there are many tenants, who despite getting to pay for huge and timely rent, face inconvenience and troubles. These troubles can occur in a variety of forms for instance unclear responsibility and technique of property maintenance, limited automobile automobile parking space with a lot of claimants, inadequate proper safety measures, high overtime charge to rent, no receipt for monthly rent payment etc.

Such troubles occur because of the fact the regards to rent commonly are not clearly understood with the tenant or else properly expressed with the homeowner. Since, you, the tenant, covers the stay, it is your responsibility to clearly understand each and every point regarding renting of and living in your home.

Listed below are 15 questions that potential tenants must ask before you sign the lease contracts.

1. What is the security deposit?

2. When is it possible to obtain the security deposit back?

3. Simply how much will the rent increase each year?

4. How are you affected in situation your rent exceeds industry rent due to annual increase?

5. Is it possible to pay your rent in check and whether or not you receive receiving the monthly rent?

6. Who makes up about maintenance and the way are maintenance request handled?

7. Ask a random tenant, what he considers the apartment complex.

8. Do you have individual or common parking facility (first-come-first-park)?

9. What is the lease start and finished date?

10. Will the house be colored once again right before your relocating?

11. What’s the average utility bill?

12. Who deposits the debts inside the utility company office?

13. What personal documents are you requiring for signing in the lease?

14. In the event you re-locate before first in the month, are you currently billed the whole volume of rent?

15. What safety measures are positioned up?

Responses for the above questions gives you sufficient knowledge of the stipulations of renting which will help you make right decision. This process that you should save from great deal of troubles additionally to wastage of money afterwards.

S.K.Jha can be a senior realtor with particular fascination with the Indian housing industry.

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